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Welcome to the Awful DayZ After! One of the most balanced servers you will find within the DayZ community. Are you a lone wolf? Want to make your millions growing some premo crops? Is PvP you're idea of a good time? How about zombies that will chase you for miles, and kick in doors? How about the sky itself unleashing death upon the world as if Zues himself was pissed off? Well, we have all of that and more. Build your base anywhere with BBP. Fly through the skies in a Blackhawk, or whip through the roads in a Camaro, or 4Wheel your way through the wilderness in a Toyota Hilux. With dynamic game play, air drops, special loot bunkers, and more you will never be bored. Add the glorious benefit of active and helpful Admins who have a taste for hacker blood, and a top of the line server with low ping and zero lag, and you have yourself The Awful DayZ after. Come join us. Bring your Clan, and let the Games Begin.